Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by the applications you use or the websites you visit. They are mainly used to increase websites responsiveness, as well as to provide internet traffic information to the owners of the website.

This website uses cookies which can be classified in the following categories:

1. Categories of cookies placed on the AXA Indian Reinsurance website

The website uses various cookies to improve its interactivity as well as the quality of our services.

A. Internal cookies mandatory for the website to operate

These cookies are essential to enable the proper operation of the website and cannot be refused as the refusal to collect these cookies will result in you being denied access to certain services.

Owner Name Retention Period
AXA TS01******* session


B. Performance Cookies

To adapt our website to the evolving needs and requests of its visitors, these cookies track and measure the number of visits, page views, the user experience on our website and the visiting frequency.

Tag Commander and Google Analytics, the statistics tools used by AXA Indian Reinsurance, generate the following cookies:


Owner Name Retention Period
Google Analytics _ga 13 months
Google Analytics _gid 24 hours
Google Analytics _gac_UA-XXXXXX-XX 90 days
Google Analytics _gat / _gat_UA-XXXXXX-XX 1 min
TagCommander TC_PAGES_VIEWED 1 month
TagCommander TCID 1 year
TagCommander tc_cj_v2 1 year
TagCommander TCPID 1 year
TagCommander tc_ipLabel session
TagCommander TC_SONDE session
TagCommander TC_OPTOUT 396 days
TagCommander/Thrustcommander TC_OPTOUT_categories 396 days
TagCommander/Thrustcommander TC_PRIVACY 396 days
TagCommander/Thrustcommander TC_PRIVACY_CENTER 396 days
TagCommander/Thrustcommander TCSESSION session


These cookies are optional. You can choose to refuse their collection and statistical analysis of your browsing data through our Cookie Management page.

If you consent to their collection, these cookies are deposited on your terminal equipment and stored for 13 months since then.


C. Third-party Cookies to improve interactivity

Some of the features of this website rely on services offered by third-party sites. These cookies are :


Owner Name Retention Period
Google __Secure-3PAPISID 2 years
Google __Secure-3PSID 2 years
Google NID 6 months
Google 1P_JAR 1 month
Google CONSENT 18 months


2. Manage your cookies via your browser

You may choose to disable all cookies, at any time, except those necessary for the proper operation of this website and presented in section 1.A. which cannot be blocked as the refusal of cookies may deprive you of certain services and could degrade your user experience.

If you want to disable only the cookies that are not essential to the proper operation of the website, please consult our Cookie Management page.

Please find below the procedures allowing you to block any cookie from your browser options:

3. Updates

This Cookie Policy may be modified and corrected. The information banner inviting you to consult it and manage your consent preferences through our Cookie Management page will appear on each visit subsequent to an update.